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Dec 28, 2020

Does a higher paycheck during your working years guarantee a more successful retirement? Not necessarily! This week, Steve discusses some of the challenges that high-income earners face in planning for their retirement. Plus, why one billionaire has decided to leave New York City’s taxes behind. Have a question...

Dec 21, 2020

Understanding risk versus reward is important for investors, especially in a volatile market. But do you really need to take the risk? Steve discusses why that question is so important for retirement savers. Plus, what should you do with your emergency savings when interest rates are super low? Have a question for

Dec 10, 2020

Over half (57%) of Americans are worried inflation will make basic retirement expenses unaffordable BUT, less than a quarter (24%) of Americans are discussing the impact of inflation with their financial professional - see the problem here? 

Steve discusses how he can help you prepare for the expenses of retirement, but...