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The Aul Financial Hour

Saturdays at 7 a.m. on The Voice of St. Louis - KMOX                                                                                                


Jun 27, 2022

Inflation is having a strong impact on retirement savings, according to new research (by the quarterly BMO Real Financial Progress Index).  It found more than 20% of Americans have reduced what they’re putting away for retirement.  And over one in four indicated higher prices are forcing them to delay leaving the workforce.  Those nearing retirement report they’re trying to cope by adjusting the way they shop for groceries, cutting back on dining out, driving less, canceling vacations and giving up subscriptions.  Hear how Steve can help you successfully manage your finances so you don’t have to dip into their nest egg. 


Then, you know all those stories about Social Security going broke in 2034?  Well, here’s some good news!  Uncle Sam had a good year, so they’ve pushed the “go-broke” date back by one year to 2035.  Not too exciting, right?  Recently, we sat down for an exclusive interview with former Vice President Mike Pence.  He told us the government must do everything to keep Social Security. Steve shares his opinion on the future of SS and where he see's in the retirement mix.